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Manakeep 728x90
About DP

Primary Time Zone
Eastern Standard Time, 6 hours behind Nostalrius Server Time. While we have players from across the globe, most of our members are from North America.

Public Discord
Completely free VoIP for anyone to use. Our server information is available to anyone in the guild. Learn more about Discord here.

Open Family Policy
Friends and family of members may join at any time. If they plan on raiding, we still highly encourage them to fill out an application.

Active Community
We try out best to accommodate all types of players outside the raiding groups. Our guild prides itself on helping out other members.

An Adult Guild
We do NOT tolerate drama. We love to have fun, but we will always keep it civil.

Simple Loot Rules
We have a very simple 'Loot Council' procedure for raids. We take into consideration many factors such as a player's attitude, performance, attendance, and the item being replaced.

Serious Raiding Mentality
We do NOT pander to the casual player. If you are raiding with us, you will receive feedback. If you are not looking for self-improvement, this may not be the guild for you.

Our guild's golden rule: Don't be an asshole.

Do not spam guild chat or abuse our discord server.

Don't do anything that would reflect poorly upon the guild. This includes things like scamming players or acting like a jackass in public chat channels.

Exploitative modding and/or software will result in you being removed from the guild.

Turn your CAPSLOCK off or you will look like a moron.

That's it. Seriously...